What will I get with my membership?

1. Exclusive access to all syllabus videos and notes.

2. Support networks that are there to answer questions and support you in your teaching of the GDQ syllabus.

3. Access to an online system that can be accessed on any computer, ipad, or smartphone.

4. The ability to enrol students in examinations.

5. Information on any conventions, training programmes and meetings.

6. Depending on your membership level, free attendance to all related conventions and training programmes.

Who can become a member?

We take applications on a case by case basis. Your ability to become a GDQ studio or teacher depends on the following factors:

1. Do you have a dance teaching qualification?

2. If you do not have a qualification, are you eligible for the GDQ training programme?

3. Can you prove technical and performance dance knowledge through your CV and video footage.

4. Are you an experienced and capable teacher or studio owner?

Why is a membership necessary?

Being a member is the only way that you are allowed to teach or offer GDQ and receive support from the GDQ headquarters.

1. You can only enter students into exams if you are a member

2. You are only eligible to attend courses and training if you are a member.

To become a member: Email your interest

(Send your full CV including videos to help us get to know you)

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